CPVC Submittal Sheet

  • Pipe available in sizes 3/4″ through 3″ in 10Ft. and 15Ft. lengths
  • Manufactured with LubrizolFt.s BLAZEMASTER® compound
  • Fittings available in a wide range of designs and sizes 3/4″ through 3″
  • Included in the Tyco line of BLAZEMASTER® CPVC products
  • Allows two sidewall sprinklers to be piped from one fitting
  • Ideal when the CPVC piping is located in a 3-1/2″ (2″ x 4″) vertical wall, eliminating the need for extra nipples, fittings and sprinkler head adapters typically associated with supplying two rooms with the same pipe
  • Specially designed and dimensioned to enable the sidewall sprinklers to be recessed with 1/2″ or 5/8″ sheet-rock wall covering
  • Available sizes: 3/4″ through 2″
  • Transition to BLAZEMASTER pipe from traditional copper tube for plumbing services
  • Transition to steel or BLAZEMASTER CPVC Fire Sprinkler System piping from traditional copper tube for plumbing services is fast, easy, and readily available in the most complete fire sprinkler package in the industry

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