Model CHEC

Concealed Horizontal Extended Coverage. Quick Response Light Hazard, Sidewall Sprinklers, K-factor=8.0

  • Light hazard
  • Coverage up to 16Ft. x 16Ft. (4,9 m x 4,9 m)
  • Lowest flows & pressures allowed by NFPA 13
  • 1/2″ adjustment
  • 12″ maximum deflector distance from ceiling
  • No «Slots» in cover plate
  • It is the best choice for architecturally sensitive areas such as dormitories, hotel rooms, reception areas, office buildings, banquet facilities, conference rooms, and hospitals
  • Custom paint cover plates available

Hazard: Light Hazard
Temperature: 155
Thread: 3/4″
Approval: UL, C-UL, NYC
Response: Quick Response
SIN Numbers: TY4332
Wrench: W7

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