Model WMA-1

Water Motor Alarm. Hydraulically Operated Mechanical Sprinkler Alarm

  • Hydraulically operated outdoor alarm for use with appropriate fire protection system valves (alarm, dry, deluge)
  • Supplied by dedicated outlet in valve trim line or retard chamber
  • Uses energy-efficient lightweight impeller design capable of producing very high sound level
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy gong, gong-mount, and water motor housing
  • Polymer bearings do not require lubrication
  • Must be mounted to a rigid wall surface
  • Can accommodate range of wall thicknesses from 2″ to 18″ (50 to 450 mm)
  • Furnished with approved 3/4″ (20 mm) Y-strainer for use in alarm line
  • Maximum rated working pressure is 300 psi (20,7 bar)
  • Listings and Approvals: UL, ULC, FM, VdS, & LPCB
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