Type AM10 and AM10B

  • Open mist nozzles
  • Designed for use in water «low pressure» mist protection systems protecting flammable liquids and turbine bearings
  • Minimal water demand, approximately 3.1 GPM/nozzle at 170psi (11,73 LPM at 11,6 bar)
  • Mist represents latest in technology
  • Minimum operating pressure is 170 psi (11,6 bar)
  • Intended for use with total compartment, engineered, watermist deluge systems.
  • They are intermediate pressure nozzles which produce a spray having a range of water droplet sizes suitable for the extinguishment of Class B fires, as well as incidental Class A fires.
  • For applications where the continuous ambient temperature is greater than 392°F (200°C), the AM10B Nozzle should be utilized.
  • The AM10 may be installed in recessed pendent applic

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